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Will online schooling be the future of the globe?

By theclassofone / November 18, 2021

To understand the future, one must know and agree with the past; otherwise, we keep repeating the same mistakes and losing sight of the ever-present wheel of what we believe to be education and development.

Many academics believe that the solution lies in having an integrated learning approach based on online learning in today’s world. Today, there is a great need for people to learn online; this is exacerbated only by the recent issue of COVID-19. Online learning drives the fastest changes in the world. Even before the COVID-19, there was already a high growth and acceptance in educational technology; it is estimated that by 2025 the total online education market is expected to reach $ 350 Billion! Online education offers students more benefits than physical schools. This includes the fact that:

It is easy to use and works better

Once you have found the basics of online learning at home, you will find that your children will complete the task more quickly, and be better organized. Gone are the days when your children may have forgotten to take their textbooks or exercise books to school, and as a result, they find it challenging to get involved in school. Gone are the days when your children complained of back pain because they carried heavy books with them all day in their bag. Gone are the days when your children could not do their homework because they left their diaries or books behind at school. Gone are the days when hours were spent going to and from school.

Work cannot be lost

Computers, tablets, and laptops allow students to send data quickly and store it successfully (using cloud services) This means it is almost impossible to lose their job. All key student assignments for teachers are stored on the Google Classroom server. The same goes for feedback, as well as any other form of teacher-student interaction: in the event of an online event, it will be kept secure for further consideration.

Having an online school at that time is best for both countries, not only will students find that teacher who is important in their life journey (not just in the academic sense), but students will have all the benefits I discussed above. Perhaps this kind of integrated learning using online schools in the future.


Applying for online school typically involves visiting the school's official website, navigating to the admissions section, and filling out the online application form. Details about required documents and admission criteria are usually provided on the school's website.

Many academics believe that online schooling is indeed the way of the future, especially given the advancements in educational technology and the flexibility it offers. The recent surge in online learning has accelerated its acceptance, making it a prominent mode of education.

The future of the online education industry looks promising, with high growth and acceptance in educational technology. Projections estimate that the total online education market could reach $350 billion by 2025. The industry's future is influenced by the ease of use, efficiency, and benefits it provides, making it a significant player in the evolving landscape of education.

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