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The Class of One is an “Online Only School” created with a drive to transform the traditional learning structures and become a school of the future, for your child’s education. At The Class Of One, we are committed to deliver excellence in education to our children, through LIVE face-to-face personalized classes, from the safety and comfort of your home.

The Class of One is an educational technology organisation, and is not recognized as a school in a traditional sense, nor is it affiliated to any government body. As per the MOE (Ministry of Education) / DOEL (Department of School Education & Literacy) there is no formal mandate for school affiliation till class 8. Primary students who require a formal certificate or marksheet may register themselves at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) and can appear for the examination at a centre near their home, to obtain the same.

The Class of One will provide admission to all those students who want to study from the comfort and safety of their homes, with the basic requirement of a laptop/desktop and high speed internet connection. We extend high quality, affordable education to every student.

Keeping in mind the of the 21st century, education at The Class Of One is about giving students the skills they need, to be future ready and succeed in this new world. In view of the need for spontaneity, flexibility, easy as well as quick accessibility, we have designed our curriculum so as to provide for the best remote teaching-learning sessions. Online learning is now applicable not just to learn academics but it also extends to learning extracurricular activities, physical fitness for students as well. We have specially formulated our classes in a structured, progressive and personalized manner to be able to make up for any loss caused due to lack of traditional studies or a physical school. In fact, we’re a replacement for the same.

The Class of One has been founded by and managed by leaders in the education and online space, with extensive experience of running schools over the past 20+ years.

Yes, we shall provide a report card, pass certificate and transfer certificate (if required) to every student, at the conclusion of the session. Primary students who require a formal certificate from a recognized agency, may register themselves at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), and appear for the examination at a centre near their home, to obtain the same.

The Class of One session will commence on 4th April, 2022

The class strength is 1:15, i.e. 15 students with 1 teacher (Mother Teacher)

The Class of One facilitates classes from Nursery to Class 5.

Ours is a 5 days in a week (Mon to Fri) working structure. A brief for the

timings for the various grade levels is as follows –

Nursery & Kindergarten – 2 hours a day

Classes 1 & 2 – 3 hours a day

Classes 3 to 5 – 3.5 hours a day

The curriculum is designed as per guidelines of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and NCERT (The National Council of Educational Research and Training) which is accepted across the globe. It is a blend of learning and technology, for a fun filled holistic development of the child.

Yes, the syllabus is well-aligned with CBSE which is the governing body and follows the NCERT pattern/ books.

The learning kit comprises of Workbooks, activity sheets, etc. It also includes high quality digital content corresponding to the class curriculum. The learning kit will be delivered to the student once the admission process is complete and once the parent has paid the fee.

We promote skill-based learning in children, and therefore include co-curricular classes such as Art and Craft, Music, Dance and Fitness.

Yes, we have professionally trained instructors who would be conducting structured, engaging and fun filled online workshops for the students, during the course of the program.

The Class Of One firmly believes that for a sound mind a child needs a sound body which comes with physical fitness activities. We have faculty for fitness classes for each child which will be a part of the time table.

Yes, there is a timetable and monthly planner which are followed just like any other school. These will be shared with the parents as per schedule.

At The Class of One, we believe in regular evaluation and timely analysis of a child’s academic progress. For this, we have a structured process which consists of Formative and Summative Assessments, the schedule for this shall be shared with the parents.

We have 2 terms in one academic year - Term 1 & Term 2
For Primary classes, each term will have 2 formative assessments - assessments with activities, a project is being undertaken, quizzes, presentations, and competitions. So there are 4 formative assessments across one academic year. Apart from formative assessments, there are 2 summative tests in one year. This summative test is a pen and paper test which is much more intensive and carries higher marks. Summative assessments schedule is shared well in advance with parents. All assessments will be conducted online but face to face, under the supervision of a teacher.

Yes, homework will be given on a daily basis to the child depending upon the practice required of a particular concept . Homework will be given in such a manner so that the child doesn't feel overburdened with the work given , but he / she will be able to master the concept by completing the given homework. Homework will not be only in the form of pencil and paper tasks but more interactive tasks will be given so that the child enjoys doing it rather than finding it difficult to complete. Not all subjects' homework will be given daily. 2-3 homework’s of different subjects will be given in a day.

Home extensions and research work are amongst the best way to recapitulate and reinforce acquired concepts. We understand its importance and the labor involved; hence we will be providing a set pattern of weekdays assigned to a particular subject for written, projects or revision work. Ample time will be provided to complete the work. In case of any delay, the same can be intimated to the concerned teacher for requesting an extension in the deadlines. The same shall be followed for the class work as well.

Concept clarity is one of our foremost concerns, and for that we are happy to assist and extend a helping hand. Regular doubt clearing sessions would be scheduled where the children can share their concerns and clarify doubts. For children who need an extra helping hand, there is a provision for remedial / enrichment classes as well.

The curriculum is integrated in such a way that the learning will not be compromised even if we start later than others. For us, the child is our priority. We will have bridge programs and remedial classes as and when required for children. Furthermore, support from the parents and a positive parent-school partnership will certainly be an advantage.

We will be sending you a monthly calendar on the 26th of every month. This will include the monthly theme, special events/assemblies, list of holidays and academic curriculum for the month and details of the morning meetings, for you to get an insight on your child’s holistic development. We understand that frequent two-way communication and collaborative efforts will help you stay apprised of what is happening at school.

For Classes 1-3, studying English, Environmental Studies, Hindi and Mathematics are mandatory & for Classes 4 & 5 studying English, Social Studies, Science, Hindi and Mathematics are mandatory.

No, all subjects are compulsory.

Currently the school is offering two languages:


The child gets to learn both the languages with the help of specialised teachers.

By learning Hindi as a language, a child gets an opportunity to know more about their native language and in our country Hindi language is a bridge that connects people.

By learning English language, the child attains basic proficiency, as is acquired in natural language learning and development of language into an instrument for knowledge acquisition.

The fee is to be paid on quarterly or annual basis for the session 2021-21.

No fee will be refunded once paid.

The fee may be paid by NEFT, Debit / Credit Card, Net banking, UPI and other modes.

Yes, we do consider mid-term admissions. However, the child will have to appear for an assessment and based on the result the school reserves the right to grant admission.

No, you would have to pay only for the current quarter and subsequent months.

No, the charges are not included in the fee structure. The learning kit has to be purchased separately with the courier rates applied as per actuals.

No, the learning kit is not optional, and you have to pay in full for the same.

The Class Of One comes under the ageis of Mahagun Shiksha & Sewa Foundation
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