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TCO1 conducts multiple life skill development activities. The early years of a child is the time to build a strong foundation and to establish behaviours or skills that will make them successful in later life. At The Class Of One, skill based short term programs are offered to students from Age 3 to 17 years which assists in building self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills. It also develops problem-solving skills, encourages planning and thinking for the future and helps students to explore career options too. It promotes the art of learning and development hence empowering the students to become successful in their chosen field.

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The Class Of One - Students (7)

Clever Harvey Junior MBA Program

We strive to enhance our learner's journeys and prepare them for the 21st-century workspace. In a world of ever-changing dynamics, we’re here to make sure that our students instead of getting lost in the sea of numerous choices make the right life and career decisions. We have thus partnered with Clever Harvey to introduce a range of industry partnered Junior MBA programs for our students.

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STEM Education Program

The STEM education system is also evolving at a high rate to produce more graduates every year. The programmes are more focussed on enhancing the way of learning while making its global student body network better than before. With its practical learning through the real-world projects and workshops prepare the students with a strong theoretical and practical foundation. Additionally, the industrial exposure they are provided with as an essential part of this training equips them with the exact tools that are required to succeed in their challenging careers. The best feature of the STEM education system is that it transforms the students into professionals who can adapt to a changing workplace.

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Bookmarked Program

TCO1 Bookmarked - A Reading Cum Literacy Program. Bookmark another page in your child’s reading and learning journey! Enhance their knowledge and help them make better sense of the world around them.

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