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Your child is one in a million. So should be their school.

We are an online-only school created with a drive to transform the traditional learning structures & become a school of the future so that we can be the right partner for your child’s educational journey.
Superior quality Oxford Advantage curriculum with innovative digital content, a plethora of co-curricular activities and fitness classes, etc. Our Process Innovation will guarantee your child’s success.

The Class Of One - Students (11)
The Class Of One - Students (12)

Why Choose Us?

We understand that choosing a school for your child is one of the most crucial, life-changing decisions you will make. Here are a few reasons why we could be the right partner on your child’s educational journey.

Apart from the age-appropriate education, we also compliment your child’s learning with skills critical for the 21st century – technological skills, problem-solving skills, creativity, communication, empathy, positivity, and much more. Because we know that a good school is one that goes beyond the limitations of a classroom.

Personalised Ateention to the Students
Personalized Attention

At The Class of One, we take a personalized approach to learning. We believe learning isn’t just about memorizing a few facts, but about a rich and engaging experience that unleashes the love for learning in the child. We make that your child gets the full attention that he or she deserves for their development regardless of where he or she lives.

World's Best Curriculum at The Class Of One
World-Class Curriculum

We bring you a curriculum which is a blend of learning and technology for a fun-filled holistic development of your child. Our courses are designed on the guidelines of National Education Policy & NCERT, providing your child an inquiry-based learning through a series of cross-curricular thematic syllabus.

The Class Of One's Flexible Learning Options
Flexible Options

Whether your child is seeking professional training in sports or arts, or traveling the world with you, we offer them a learning space wherever they are. They can continue to focus on their passions full-time while earning an education through us.

Personalised Ateention to the Students
Skill Based Learning

Skill-based learning for students to help them find confidence, competency, and a passion that resonates with them. Our educators provide best opportunities with a good balance between deliberate play, free play, enriched environments & Incidental moments wrapped into an exciting story to increase participation.

World's Best Curriculum at The Class Of One
Holistic Approach

Introduces and integrates all four listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills to your child. Here, At The Class of One, we encourage and promote these competencies in young children to help and shape them with future school achievement.

The Class Of One's Flexible Learning Options
Activity-Based Learning

Activity-based learning encourages students to actively participate in their own learning experience through practical activities such as problem-solving, independent investigation and learning by themselves.

Personalised Ateention to the Students
Heavily Customizable

Plan as per your kid’s needs, age, duration of learning, focus on a particular skill, etc.

World's Best Curriculum at The Class Of One
Social/Emotional Development

We help our students express their emotions, interact with their peers, develop a positive self-image, and engage in meaningful relationships with others.

The Class Of One's Flexible Learning Options
Language-Based Learning

Introduces and integrates all four listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in your child and, we encourage and promote these competencies in young children to help and shape them for the future.

Individualized attention
to every child

Seasoned educationists
and professionals with extensive experience

Oxford International
Primary Programme

Based on
NCERT guidelines

Interactive and
flexible learning

The Class of One student(13)

Our Manifesto

We believe a school should:

  • Be a laboratory of creativity, independence and talent, and not a stress point in a young learner’s life
  • Be an incubator for a successful future by giving its students the skills, values and understanding they need
  • Be beyond brick and mortar, limitless in its impact and nothing short of transformative

Led by passionate professionals

The people who lead The Class of One are the leading lights of the industry. They are subject matter experts with a strong belief that each child counts. Meet our team of passionate professional educators.

Our Leadership


Usha Lamba

Education Consultant

Usha Lamba Education Consultant

Ms. Lamba has led an extensive career as an educational consultant and specializes in early learning centres & primary schools. With her work experience in many prestigious educational institutions in India and Dubai, Ms. Lamba is among the most sought after teacher trainers, and is highly skilled in reviewing and building a futuristic curriculum for schools.

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Divya Jain

Director & Founder

Divya Jain Director & Founder

A commerce graduate from Delhi University, Ms. Divya Jain is a woman of few words who lets her work ethic and professional discipline speak on her behalf. She is well known for her integrity, humility and mature sense of discretion coupled with strokes of motivation and confidence. She is proud to be a person who says no to discrimination, who stands for equality, who breaks the silence, who cares, and who always makes arduous attempts to become the Change. She is full of ideologies, enthusiasm, great learning and intellect, and assiduous in whatever she does.. She has a keen interest in Painting and Art. She feels Art is a form of meditation and wants all the children to experience this beautiful form of creativity. She excels, as a professional, in areas of Strategic Planning, Institutional Growth and Development, Education Administration and Good Governance, Program and People Management, and Community Outreach.

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Puja Khurana

COO & Co-Founder

Puja Khurana Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

With a decade of experience in running a brick-and-mortar education organisation, Ms. Puja expansively demonstrates her expertise in the education management industry. She is a commerce graduate from Delhi University. Her strong skills in strategic planning, business development, event management and operations have guided The Class Of One to explore various possibilities. Having run a digital ad agency for a decade, her expertise is being applied to the brand-building of the school.

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Principal manisha

Prateek Sharma

Prateek Sharma

Prateek Sharma is an accomplished professional based in New Delhi, India, with a diverse background in program and operations management, particularly in the startup ecosystem. With a passion for redefining the global landscape of education, he currently serves as the CEO of "The Class Of One," a role he has held since June 2023.

Prior to this, Prateek held the position of Associate Director- Customer Success at "PlanetSpark" for over a year and five months, showcasing his proficiency in managing customer relationships and ensuring their satisfaction.

His extensive professional journey also includes valuable stints at renowned companies like "Pickrr," where he specialized in B2B and franchise development, and "Milkbasket," where he played a pivotal role in transforming staples into a significant revenue generator. His contributions extended to category management, cross-selling strategies, and expanding category operations to new locations.

During his tenure at "RIVIGO," Prateek excelled in Key account management, overseeing logistics operations for prominent clients like Reliance Retail, JCB, XIAOMI, P&G, and more. He was instrumental in problem-solving, driving organizational strategy, and expanding the network.

Prateek's educational background includes an MBA from NIBM Institute and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from J.P Institute Of Engineering & Technology. His profile underscores his expertise in program management, operations, and business administration.

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Manisha Bhagee


Manisha Bhagee Principal

A seasoned educator, Ms Manisha Bhagee has a career spanning two decades in the field of education. She is a highly skilled and overtly student-focused educational leader possessing a strong commitment towards the development of students and staff along with providing a stimulating, safe and motivating learning environment. She is a dynamic, visionary leader and a solid team player with a proven track record of collaborating with the school community and maintaining excellence in education .

She has served and continues to serve well-reputed institutions, in leadership roles, while she also specializes in Psychological counselling and Career counselling. In addition, Ms. Bhagee has spearheaded various National and International competitions along with a number of Global Exchange programmes.She has also led and has been an integral part of various initiatives in the field of Innovation Programmes, Curriculum and Pedagogical designing, Sustainable Development Projects, Integrated Entrepreneurship and Community Outreach Programmes and Enhancing Technological usage programmes for educational advancement.Her contributions have brought many International and National awards to the Organisations she has worked with. We welcome Ms. Manisha Bhagee and are confident that under her guidance, The Class Of One will reach new heights!

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Ms. Bhawna Dhyani

(NIOS Consultant)

Ms. Bhawna Dhyani (NIOS Consultant)

Ms. Bhawna Dhyani, a distinguished professional, recently concluded her role in October 2022 as the Joint Director (Administration) at the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), an Autonomous Organization under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. With a career spanning 38 years in the field of Central Government Administration, Ms. Dhyani has consistently demonstrated unparalleled dedication and proficiency, contributing significantly to the mission of NIOS. Her role was pivotal in the development of Training Modules for NIOS stakeholders, showcasing her commitment to advancing the organization's objectives.

Ms. Dhyani also oversaw responsibilities in the Student Support Service Department, where she played a key role in developing specific student support policies. Her expertise extended to designing specialized support units providing academic, technical, and administrative support services.

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Transforming the Future of Education

Why stick to the old ways of the traditional classroom when you can make a shift to the new. In this video, founder Ms. Divya Jain and co-founder Ms. Pooja Khurana discuss the online schooling experience at The Class of One. Here the teachers focus on a holistic educational approach drawing out your child’s inert potential in a fun and exciting way.

Become a Partner in Your Child's Learning

Parents must have an equal space in their child's education even if it means them having to re-learn schooling. By learning with the child, they will reinvent their understanding of the child. If we want to bring up the next generation as thoughtful & sensible thinkers, we need to make their today a comfortable space to live & learn.

The Class Of One : A school without walls

We are a school without walls. From the curriculum to the skills development lessons, everything we do celebrates the spirit of exploration. Watch the video to find out why we are the superior alternative to traditional schools.

Why should you choose an online school over a traditional school?

Has online school been on your mind for your child? Are you looking for convincing reasons why you should choose an online school over a traditional school? This video might have all the reasons.

Meet the Pillars of The Class Of One - Ms. Urvashi Thapa

How effective is traditional schooling? What does online schooling at The Class of One bring to the table? Here’s Ms. Urvashi Thapa, academic head at The Class of One, with the answers.

Meet the Pillars of The Class Of One - Ms Nidhi Sabharwal

Ms. Nidhi Sabharwal, our Admissions Head, shares her thoughts on the advantages of online schooling at The Class of One that makes it the right choice for pre primary and primary class students worldwide.

Meet the Pillars of The Class Of One - Pratima Sharma

The Class of One is an online school with a network that spreads across the globe. All thanks to Ms. Pratima Sharma, our Head Administration-Operations, who made it possible. Here are her thoughts on The Class of One.

Our partners

The Class of One’s skill-based learning programmes help your children develop and discover their interests and abilities. We have partnered with the following companies to create programmes that enhance their confidence, happiness and talents.

Language Development

Language Development

Language Development

Language Development

Language Development

Torrins provides world-class music curriculum customised for school children. Designed in partnership with Ehsaan Noorani of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy fame, the online music education programme uses live lessons, pre-recorded video lessons, and much more to give a world-class educational experience. Your child can choose from body/ home percussion and western vocals.

Language Development

Furtados school of Music is a leader in music education for children as well as teachers equally. The ‘Music is Fun’ is a beautifully designed program through which we aim to cultivate the love for music and the ability to express it among children. We have brilliantly designed modules which include songs sung in class, age appropriate instruments and a portal for parents as well.

Language Development

Fitness365 is a scientifically designed sports, health and physical education programme for school children to encourage them to play, enjoy and learn the values of sports and physical education. Fitness365 has been working with Sports Authority of India for Khelo India Fitness Assessment Programme and Fit India Programme, and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for Swasth Bachche and Swasth Bharat Programmes.

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