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Pre-Primary Curriculum

Nursery to KG

The pre-primary curriculum is designed based on NCERT guidelines. The curriculum has been modified, evolved and developed over the time according to the needs of children. Therefore, it is skilled-based and student-centric.

The Class Of One - Students (8)
The Class Of One - Students (7)

The processes of learning and teaching here are crafted to support students' individual and emergent pathways of development. Teachers support learning by:

  • Building strong relationships
  • Planning visual stories and rhymes
  • Creating adaptive play
  • Fostering a child's growth in key areas of early development

We aim to foster a child’s growth in key areas of early development

Child's Language Development at The Class Of One
Language Development

As part of our curriculum, our young students will begin to understand more words than they use, connect words to form increasingly complex sentences, explain emotions, develop conversation and storytelling along with learning the ability to follow directions with multiple steps.

Child's Numeracy Development

Even before your child enters formal schooling, he or she starts getting exposed to different quantitative and spatial relations in everyday activities. At The Class of One we encourage and promote these competencies in young children to help them with future school achievement.

General Awareness Curriculum at The Class Of One
General Awareness

Creating a sense of general awareness in young children helps them make sense of the world. Not only does it help in their mental development and civic sense, it also supports a holistic development of the child. Through this, we empower the children to speak up when the situation demands.

Cognitive Skills Development
Cognitive Skills

We all know how children are full of questions. It is a way of developing cognitive abilities, and at The Class of One we embrace and encourage these efforts to help them develop increased attention span, problem solving skills, simple reasoning, visual discrimination, and cause and effect.

Child's Social and Emotional Development
Social/Emotional Development

We help our students express their emotions, interact with their peers, develop a positive self-image, and engage in meaningful relationships with others. This helps in an active participation at school and home.

Skill based learning

We promote skill-based learning for our students to help them find confidence, competency, and a passion that resonates with them.

Art and Craft

Develops fine motor skills, improves hand-eye coordination, enhances decision-making skills.


Enhances ability to process language & reason, teaches them to enjoy finer pleasures of life.


Improves stamina, encourages socialization, gives them a structured outlet to express themselves.


Builds stronger bones & muscles, improves posture & balance, encourages better lifestyle choices.

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