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Pre-primary at your home

By theclassofone / November 12, 2021

After the pandemic hit the globe affecting all the major sectors. One domain that took a major is pre-primary educational schools. Pre-primary toddlers were asked to sit at home at the early tender age of playing and exploring the world. Pre-primary education being mostly dependent on interactive methods was not there at all.

Early stages of online education

At the early stages of online classes, it was really tough for both these toddlers and teachers as well. Toddlers faced the issue of not being able to focus and understand things clearly without any physical attention. On the other hand, teachers were new to this technological complex software.

Theclassofone to the rescue

Theclassofone being present in online schooling from the start was there to help your toddlers with these issues. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff members and mentors with a lot of experience in online schooling toddlers were able to tackle these problems with their intuitive and interactive learning methods.

Parents of Theclassofone students were barely involved in the process and students felt at home with their teachers and mentors sharing their doubts and problems with them. this enabled them to learn in the most efficient and best way.

Theclassofone literally brought pre-primary schooling to the toddler’s doorsteps.

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