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Is online schooling, the new approach?

By theclassofone / July 19, 2022

The proliferation of technology has made online education and online schools in India a convenient method of providing education. Whereas online schooling helps students in many ways, there are various technological constraints and Internet issues which are still existing in various areas of a developing country like India. Although because of the pandemic the digital infrastructure of the country has considerably grown and is developing at a faster pace. Virtual school in India has proved to be one of the most popular and newest forms of education in recent times.

Online schooling is a new approach in the world of education. It has an edge and it is the choice of this generation because of the advantages and convenience it offers to its students and their parents. Online schooling helps in time management and flexibility, It allows the students to learn from anywhere without the need of commuting to the school campus. Online schooling is also specifically a very good approach for the people who live in those specific areas where good quality schooling and education are not available nearby. Online schooling can be called a new approach or a futuristic mode of education because it eradicates various barriers that were faced by the traditional means of schooling, especially during uncertain times like over 19 pandemic. Online education and home schooling help parents to cut down the spending on various things like uniforms and transportation. The main requirement is a good Internet connection and a laptop or a smartphone through which a child can easily have access to online education from the luxury of their home.

With this growing trend of making education possible anytime anywhere, The Class Of One is an online school that conducts one of the best online classes for ukg students, preschool online classes, and also middle school online classes. It is based on the new approach of e-learning for kids and strongly believes that actual learning goes beyond the walls of a classroom. The Class Of One ensures a personalized effort for all the kids learning online and conducts live online classes for kids. From providing a range of curriculum, to focusing on making its student an all-rounder for the future, The Class Of One is the perfect choice for parents and students who want to have access to world-class learning from the comfort of their homes.


Starting online schooling for high school involves securing a reliable internet connection and a device like a laptop or smartphone. Many online schools, such as The Class Of One, offer specific high school programs. Enrolling in these programs and following the registration process is a typical way to initiate online high school education.

Online school works by delivering education through digital platforms, allowing students to access lessons, materials, and engage in activities virtually. It offers flexibility, enabling students to learn from anywhere and manage their time effectively. The Class Of One is an example of an online school that conducts live classes, providing an interactive and engaging learning environment.

Online learning approaches involve various methods of delivering educational content through digital means. These approaches may include live classes, pre-recorded lectures, interactive assignments, and collaborative activities. The Class Of One adopts a new approach to e-learning for kids, focusing on personalised learning and ensuring students have access to a comprehensive curriculum.

Online schooling is considered the way of the future due to its advantages in terms of flexibility, convenience, and accessibility. It eliminates barriers faced by traditional schooling, especially during uncertain times like the COVID-19 pandemic. The digital infrastructure in countries like India is growing, making virtual schooling more viable. The Class Of One exemplifies this trend, offering quality online classes and contributing to the shift towards a futuristic mode of education.

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