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Homeschooling in Mumbai: What and How

By theclassofone / September 3, 2021

Homeschooling isn’t a new concept and has been prevalent in Indian homes for a long time, usually combined with some form of formal schooling. But more people have started considering homeschooling as a permanent replacement for formal education, not just because of the unreasonable cost of formal education but also because of the easy availability of educational material online.

But there is more to it than the simple cost-benefit advantage. Homeschooling in Mumbai provides students a safe environment to study, and the right environment for them to study comfortably. Students also get flexible study schedules and curriculums that suit their long-term goals. However, homeschooling also loses some of the advantages that formal schools provide, like a classroom where students get to collaborate and work together to solve problems. Also, certain subjects require specialized environments like laboratories to learn through practical activities.

Nevertheless, homeschooling in Mumbai is becoming the go-to study method for many parents, especially after the pandemic when schools closed down making social distancing the norm. The pandemic also helped many online education platforms evolve and provide advanced services to their students. The hesitation that was there before the pandemic when it came to learning online is gone and people have realized that a lot can be learned online that can help them in the long term.

Homeschooling is the preferred method for children with disabilities that have trouble studying yet is equally the choice form of schooling for children that are especially good at academics and require supplementary studies to help them reach their highest potential. So it is best to let go of the negative notions that are associated with homeschooling and consider it as a customized education solution for your child.

Starting homeschool is similar across the world and involves a straightforward process. You need a curriculum and a teaching process that suits your child the best. The only part of the process that requires you to look up your local state laws is the board and the examination center that will certify your child’s education.


Here are some pointers you should keep in mind while going for the homeschooling in Mumbai:

The Curriculum

Getting started with homeschooling in Mumbai: you’ll realize that the internet is your best friend, you can find everything you’re looking for online including the curriculum. After you have settled on the board of your choice, look for the curriculums that will best suit your child.

The Education

If you have the time, patience, and expertise you can teach the syllabus on your own. Otherwise, it is recommended that you hire experts for individual subjects to give your child the best education. These experts can be found online or offline at rates that are often cheaper than what you would otherwise pay at a school.

Alternatively, you can join local groups formed by parents who have opted to homeschool their children just like you. They come together to create learning centers where kids can study in groups under the supervision of a mutually decided tutor.

The Exam

Homeschooling in Mumbai is legal under the law and homeschooled children can appear for exams to become certified under a recognized board. These exams are conducted by NIOS and IGCSE, and clearing these exams will make the student eligible for higher education at universities.

Homeschooling is not simply about studying the right subjects and going for a particular board. It’s more than that. You also need to consider the study environment for your child which can have a huge impact on the child’s productivity and academic success. Thankfully with homeschooling, you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to that. The best study environment is not the jurisdiction of the parent, rather both the parent and the child have to come to a mutual agreement on the perfect environment. It could be a bedroom, or maybe a lawn, or a study center where the child can study with her friends. A good study environment helps the child focus, think, problem-solve, and relax.

Apart from this you also want to consider creating schedules with your child that include a reasonable number of breaks from studies for physical exercise and other fun activities. It’s a well-known fact that spending too much time studying will adversely affect the productivity of the child and may even make her lose her interest in studying. Exercise on the other hand will not only keep the child fresh but also increase her ability to absorb and retain more information increasing her academic performance. Be sure to also include field trips to museums, monuments, old cities, etc. that will help the child experience the magnanimity of the world first hand and develop her mentally. Once a routine is in place, following it strictly is usually recommended, but it is also important to change it according to the child’s changing needs and comfort level with the schedule.

Homeschooling in Mumbai or be it anywhere else, makes education accessible to everyone regardless of geographical, political, or medical challenges that pose the world. Formal schooling has its benefits but is not feasible or relevant for many. With the advancements in technology like AI and high-speed internet becoming easily accessible to the common man, the future of homeschooling is bright and may even become the norm. Teachers will be replaced by intelligent AI with in-depth and accurate information on any subject. Focusing on the child’s creative potential to crack difficult challenges will become crucial for the child’s success in the world. The flexibility provided by homeschooling makes this possible while also opening up a lot of avenues for the child to explore.


Yes, homeschooling is legal in Maharashtra. Homeschooled children can appear for exams conducted by recognized boards such as NIOS and IGCSE, certifying their education under the law.

Yes, online school is legal in India. The article emphasizes the evolving acceptance of online education platforms, especially after the pandemic, removing previous hesitations and showcasing the potential of online learning.

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Homeschooling in Mumbai provides a safe and comfortable environment for students to study. It offers flexibility in study schedules, customised curriculums, and is a preferred method for various students, including those with disabilities or high academic potential. The article encourages considering homeschooling as a tailored education solution.

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