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Yes, we will provide the marks sheet and transfer certificate at the end of the term. Please note, marks sheet and transfer certificates are not provided in the middle of the academic year. We shall do so either directly or through our associated recognized school.

Keeping in mind the needs and requisites of the 21st century where people need spontaneity, flexibility, easy as well as quick accessibility, we have designed our curriculum so as to provide for the best remote teaching sessions. We have specially formulated our classes in a structured, progressive and personalized manner to be able to make up for any loss caused due to lack of traditional studies. In fact, we’re a replacement for the same.

The Class of One is suitable for all such parents and students who require personalised learning. It is best suited for the following children: ● Home schoolers who want structured learning at home ● Gifted children who want to excel or learn at their own pace ● Children undergoing some medical treatment and unable to commute ● Children of parents who have transferable jobs ● Children who do not have access to good schools nearby ● Children who are not happy or satisfied with the traditional schools due to high class strength, high fees, etc. ● Children who require mid-term admissions

The Class of One Edu 4 All will provide admission to all those students who want to study. We provide equal access to high quality education at a reasonable cost to every student.

The Class of One Edu 4 All has been founded by and managed by leaders in the education and online space, with extensive experience of running schools over the past 20+ years.

The Class of One Edu 4 All facilitates classes from KG to Class 5.

The class strength is 1:30, i.e. 30 students with 1 teacher (Mother Teacher)

Ours is a 5-day week working structure. A brief for the timings for the various grade levels is as follows – Kindergarten – 2 hours a day Classes 1-5 – 3 hours a day

A learning kit is the book set which includes textbooks and DIY kits for experiential learning for pre-primary and DIY kit of STEM projects for Classes 1-5. The students will use these kits throughout the session. These kits will be delivered to the students once the admission process is complete, and once the parent has paid the fee for the kit.

The kit will be delivered to the student within a week to 10 days by the school.

The child can learn from any internet enabled device, can be a phone too! Other options being laptop/tablet/desktop.

In case of twins or triplets, each child needs to be enrolled separately as there will be separate assessments, PEMs and result generation for each, though they can study from the same device if they are in the same class. However at the time of assessments and examinations, separate devices will be required.

Advantage of studying in the The Class of One Edu 4 All is that the child doesn’t have to wear a uniform and can attend the class in decent comfortable clothing.

The medium of teaching will be English.


At The Class of One, we believe in regular evaluation and timely analysis of a child’s academic progress. For this, we have a structured examination plan which consists of formative and summative assessments in the months of October and March.

The curriculum for the pre-primary is designed based upon the guidelines of NCERT. Our pre -primary curriculum has been modified, evolved and developed over time according to the needs of children. Hence, it is skilled-based and a student centric curriculum. We aim to foster a child’s growth in key areas of early development and therefore focus on – Language Development, Numeracy, General Awareness and co-curricular activities.

At the primary level, we follow the national curriculum framework which is based on the guidelines given by NCERT. Our curriculum focuses on the spirit of exploration and acquiring sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and understanding of scientific concepts. In addition to this, we include a number of activities like dance, fitness, IT, discussions and a wide range of artistic and hands-on activities.

Yes. Timetable will be provided at the beginning of the session. We have a definitive structure for both the weekly classes and the assessments. In case of any unforeseen scenario leading to change in the schedule, a proper intimation would be provided beforehand.

All assessments will be conducted under an instructor’s presence. Additionally, it is mandatory for students and parents to keep the camera and microphone on throughout the assessment so we can provide uninterrupted vigilance and guidance.

Home extensions and research work are amongst the best way to recapitulate and reinforce acquired concepts. We understand its importance and the labour involved, hence we will be providing a set pattern of week days assigned to a particular subject for written, projects or revision work. Ample time will be provided to complete the work. In case of any delay, the same can be intimated to the concerned teacher for requesting an extension in the deadlines. The same shall be followed for the class work as well.

For Classes 1&2, studying English, Hindi, Environmental Studies, Mathematics and ICT are mandatory & for Classes 3 to 5 studying English, Hindi, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics and ICT are mandatory.

No, all subjects are compulsory. However, there are options for the Third Language (on paid basis).

Currently the school is offering two compulsory languages: -English -Hindi The child gets to learn both the languages with the help of specialised teachers. By learning Hindi as a language, a child gets an opportunity to know more about their native language and in our country Hindi language is a bridge that connects people. By learning English language, the child attains basic proficiency, as is acquired in natural language learning and development of language into an instrument for knowledge acquisition.

We promote skill-based learning in children, and therefore include co-curricular classes such as Art and Craft, Dance and Fitness.


The fees can be deposited in monthly instalments. However, we have an option for a parent to pay for the first month, then 2 months and then on quarterly basis for the session 2022-23.

No fee will be refunded once paid.

We accept payments by Debit / Credit Card, Net banking, UPI, Google Pay, Paytm and other modes.

Yes, we do enrol in mid-session and you have to pay only for the subsequent months.

No, we don’t charge for a trial class.

No, Book set charges are not included in fee structure. The book sets have to be purchased separately with the courier rates applied as per actuals.

No, the book sets are not optional and a complete learning kit needs to be bought.

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