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Why You Should Switch From Traditional Schooling To Online Schooling in India

Gone are the days when education was limited to a physical classroom. With technology, learning has become user-driven. Now one can learn whatever they want and whenever they want just at the click of a button.

Online learning has become a norm in the West. India has significantly caught up to digital learning, with students supplementing their school studies with online lessons, and professionals learning new skills for their job. With the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, schools nationwide shifted from traditional classrooms to digital ones.

But what if online education was not just a solution during a pandemic, but the norm when times are normal? What if your child could have quality education whenever and wherever you want?

Online schools are here to stay. Here are four reasons why you should switch from traditional schooling to online schooling in India for your child. Keep reading.

  • It’s Flexible

Online schooling in India gives your child the option to learn at their pace and add flexibility to their schedule. It’s best for children who are getting professional training in arts and sports and need flexible learning options. This helps them better balance their training and their studies and teaches them vital time management skills. Gifted children or prodigies can spend ample time in their area of endowment with such flexible schooling option. Additionally, for students with disabilities, online learning can prove to be extremely supportive.

  • It’s Accessible

The best part of online education is that it is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Your child is not required to commute from one place to another, saving them time and you money. Their virtual classroom is available for them whenever they are ready. If you are in a job that has frequent transfers or if you love to travel with your family, online schooling for your child could be the option you’re looking. There is no reason to explore new places when your child’s education is being taken care of.

  • It Offers Personalised Learning

We’ve said before that online schooling is a flexible option, but it also offers scope for personalisation. Online classrooms usually tend to have a smaller batch than conventional classrooms, ensuring the tutor is able to give more focused attention to your child and understand their specific needs. With online learning comes access to a diverse set of rich content in the form of videos, images, ebooks that offer the extra content that your child may relate to.

  • It’s Cost Effective

Online schooling is more cost-effective than traditional schooling. It allows you to save money on commute, uniform and other conventional school-related fees. Therefore, you can manage your child’s school budget better by investing in the things that directly impact their learning. Online schooling also offer multiple payment options.

There aren’t enough reasons to shy away from online schooling for your kids. Assess your situation and decide what kind of schooling works best for your child.

Want to understand if online schooling is right for your child, talk to our counsellor.


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