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Who we are

We are an online-only school, created with a drive to transform the traditional learning structures & become a school of the future. We do understand that choosing a school for your child is one of the most crucial initial decisions you make for them. and we could be the right partner for your child's educational journey.

Foundation (Toddler Program)

We aim to foster child's growth in key areas of early development.

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Indian (NCERT Curriculum)

Our curriculum focuses on the spirit of exploration and holistic education.

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Edu4all (Affordable Education)

Accessible & Affordable program for all, imparting holistic education.

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TCO1 CLUBS (Other Program)

Imparting multiple life skills development programs.

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Who can enroll

The Class of One is ideal for those who are looking for a superior alternative to traditional schools.


Homeschooled children who need structured learning at home

Gifted Children

Students who want to excel or learn at their own pace

Mid Term Admission Seekers

Children who require admissions in the middle of a term

Medically Disadvantaged

Children with medical conditions who cannot attend regular schools

Transferable Jobholders

Children of parents who have transferable jobs

Professionally Trained

Children who are getting professional training in arts and sports, and need flexible learning options

Quality Conscious

Those who feel traditional schools lack due to substandard quality of educational standards.

Geographically Disadvantaged

Those who do not have a good school close to where they live

After School

Those who want to have extra classes after their regular school

What Parents Say

the classofone testimonial

Gracia Nissi Kandula


Mrs Mary Heyderabad

We would like to thank and appreciate The Class Of One, especially the teacher of Senior KG for engaging with the children very effectively.

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the classofone testimonial

Vivaan P


Sunitha S, Praveen Muniyappa Bangalore

The teachers are not only hardworking, but also loving and encouraging, which is critical during these formative years.

The teachers are not only hardworking, but also loving and encouraging, which is critical during these formative years. They have a user-friendly specialised application with all of the necessary information at the click of a button. From checking and submitting homework to monitoring attendance and communicating with subject teacher, the progress report, and the individual achievements.

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the classofone testimonial

Subrahmanya Rushi Sri Advik


Abu Dhabi Parent

Our son Rushi joined The Class of One in July 2021 during the lockdown. Over the past year he has settled into a nice routine with the online classes.

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the classofone testimonial

Aadya Jain


Mrs Surbhi Rajpurohit Jain

Due to the teacher's efforts my child is able to study in a safe and comfortable environment at home.

Initially, I was skeptical about admitting my kid to an online school. But looking at the way things have turned out, I could not have asked for more!

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the classofone testimonial

Michelle Jacob


Trisha Jacob


Sonia Jacob, Jacob James Mysore, Karnataka

The Class of One has been a great learning experience for my kids. During the pandemic, when regular schools were forced to shift to online mode, the struggle of teachers and the online mode itself had an adverse effect on the learning of the kids.

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the classofone testimonial

Mrs Kripa Kirodian


Mrs Kripa Kirodian

The Class of One has been amazing for a working parent like me who works in shifts. It was extremely difficult to cover up everything earlier and maintain a balance but thanks to the class of one and all the teachers, the management they have been extremely cooperative. They have taken care of everything. When it comes to studies everything is lined up so it is even easier to keep a track of everything. Moreover I don't have to worry about her tiffin or her bus. Life has become a lot more simpler. I have seen so many changes in my daughter. She has become more responsible, more receptive and her studies have taken a new turn. I am really happy with The Class of One. It's been a wonderful experience and I definitely recommend everyone to get their kids enrolled here.

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