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How the recent pandemic has changed the education system, forever?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in many ways. The repercussions of the virus were quite severe and various sectors have turned upside down due to the same. One such sector is the education sector which has faced a lot of roadblocks and is to date quite impacted due to the covid 19 pandemic. When the pandemic arrived, the air around was contaminated with the infectious virus and due to the same, the commencement of offline classes had been paused and the concept of homeschooling in India and live online classes for kids was seen on a rise. The students, the faculties, and parents no one was prepared for the changes that were done to keep pace with the children’s education and learning even during the pandemic. The virus had a long-term impact on the education system and has changed it forever.

The educational institutions and teachers responded to the pandemic by taking online classes. Being the 21st century and also the age of digitalization, everything was possible. It had been proved that knowledge was not limited to any boundaries and students had an opportunity to learn from the comfort of their homes via online learning. From online playgroup classes to online music classes for kids, even the little ones sought online education. Although the change was inevitable because of the pandemic the concept of remote learning faced various challenges. There was a dramatic shift from offline classes to online ones or e-learning for kids but because of that, the social interaction of people had been converted into increased screen times. Online learning requires a stable Internet connection along with a smartphone or a PC which was still a luxury for various areas in the country.

The concept of distance learning and home school was in existence for a long, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the awareness regarding it increased. This change in the education system gave people the opportunity to obtain an education, skills, and a degree from the comfort of their homes. Also, due to the absence of offline schools and colleges people sought various online additional courses as well as kids learning websites to broaden their skills and knowledge. Most importantly the pandemic made people realize the fact that learning is possible anytime anywhere the main requirement is the zeal to learn. It also helped in making the Internet infrastructure better and it increased the availability of smartphones or laptops in various remote areas.

The Class Of One is one of the leading online schools which resonates with the innovation that took place in the education system and changed it during the unfortunate pandemic. It highly abides by the fact that a good school goes beyond the limitations of a classroom. Divya Jain the director and founder of The Class Of One strongly believes that the inevitable shift to the online form of education has broadened the scope of a child’s educational journey. With its keen focus on technological skills, creativity, communication, and positivity, the class of one provides a personalized experience for every student. It is led by a team of passionate professionals who are subject matter experts. The Class Of One encourages school from home and the spirit of exploration in its students and makes it the right destination for children worldwide. A range of curriculum is offered at the class of one which includes foundation program, education for all which is the program for affordable education, and various other programs as well. Online schooling platforms like the class of one are the leading change-makers in the educational industry.

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