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Covid impact on child’s health in the long run

The covid 19 pandemic had caused significant harm to the overall health and well-being of children worldwide. From acute illness to prolonged symptoms, the pandemic had a devastating impact on every individual from a medical viewpoint. During the early phases of COVID-19, various studies suggested that it did not have a very severe effect on children rather older people were more affected by it.

Covid 19 not only affected the physical health of students but also had a toll on their mental wellbeing. Various disruptions in their day-to-day lives like changing schooling patterns and online learning had a susceptible impact on their concentration power, and other mental factors. Children were not the only fighters in the pandemic but surely counted as one of the major victims of it in the long run as they were not prior prepared for the prolonged changes. It also had a considerable impact on their immunity.

The Class Of One an online school, founded by Ms. Divya Jain had emerged as a great means to educate children from the luxury of their homes during and after the COVID pandemic. The Class Of One paid great heed to the disruptions that were created to the health and daily lives of the children due to the virus. Catering to the same it provides a limitless environment of learning which is beyond the four walls of a traditional classroom. The Class Of One conducts live online classes for kids and provides them with a nurturing environment and is regarded as one of the best virtual schools in India.

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