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The sound educators of “The Class of One”, believes that “we need nationwide, all-round improvement in school education in all of its stages”. By this, we can move our school education system with the aim of:

  • Factual grasp and sense
  • Understanding “how to acquire a knowledge and skills”

Also, we need to make distance from the habits of routine learning, which is largely present these days. Like: a school student score more than 80% marks in examination of any particular subject; but in fact, he/she has very less knowledge of that particular subject. Actually, it is the exact situation, from where our education system starts generating non-employable people.

At our online school “The Class of One”, aim of education is not only be intellectual enhancement, but we are also shaping positive character of each & every students enrolled with us. We are creating holistic & all-rounder students prepared with the fundamental & leading abilities of 21st century.

We all knew it that in the future of any student, knowledge and education is very important. So, the sound educators of “The Class of One”, believes that “the whole form, features, and qualities of present school curriculum need to be improved and amended to obtain this objective”.

At our online school “The Class of One”, we made a set of different skills & mastery throughout every single academic as well as non-academic area at each stage of student’s learning, that is, from FOUNDATION (TODDLER Program) to EDUCATION-for-ALL Program up-to class 8. Very soon we will extent it up-to class 12.

  • Role of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT):

Due to New Education Policy (NEP)-2020, NCERT is identifying all such required skill sets and include structure for their execution in the National Curriculum Framework for early students and school education.

  • From the research desk of online school “The Class of One”:

Class-wise and Subject-wise school syllabus should be made smaller to its necessities. Thus, an online/offline school can provide education to their students, involving:

  • Brainstorming
  • Problem solving
  • Holistic and all-round education
  • Survey, analysis, and quiz based learning
  • Innovation, development, and finding based learning

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