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The Class of One, admired by countless students and trusted by parents across many countries has emerged as a virtual place of school excellency and goodness. The Class of One gives an assurance of clear, easy-going, stress-free, low-pressure, collected, and latest learning where students are provided with favorable and beneficial learning situations. Here, students do not follow the class; rather than the class follows them. The Class of One is committed to provide quality schooling to each of its students.


The Number One Global Online School!

The Class of One is a view of the future of school education with likely advancement, improvement, and success. Led the way by a powerful team of top educators, students act ambitious, and believing in themselves, for their future targets and dreams. Without consideration of the location, The Class of One is providing the ultimate quality education, thus coaching students for the careers of tomorrow. With us, the virtual door of the number one global online school is now open for school students. Each school boy/girl is one of a kind, and our flexible teaching-learning approach & activity will set-out a better future for your child!    


A-1 School with A-1 Academic Setting Right Meant for You!

The Class of One is the number one online school whose work is to develop a convincing, well-founded and very-effective online schooling option through the digital medium. We are not just an academic community. We are an association of visionaries, thinkers and social figures. Our intention is to give the power to students, teachers, and parents, at large-scale. We also have every intention to take teaching-learning process beyond the limits of the limitations of books, physical classrooms, timetables, and syllabus.   


The Class of One is an online school which is backed by knowledgeable masterminds from education domain. Our organization has full and all-around knowledge of education at school level. Done with an excellent system of every school related processes, we are working to develop an equally powerful alternative for physical schooling, that is, 100 % online schooling.

The Class of One is guided by a set of industry specialist, academic community and teachers. Our team is experienced & good by research, information technology infrastructure, product’s knowledge and domain proficiency. We at The Class of One, put ourselves up-to-date with the needs, demands and practices of schooling and education. We give our students with the finest online school familiarity and exposure.


School education is the base and groundwork of a student’s educational, individual and analytical development. We positively realize the insight and importance of the actuality, and work for regular change in it for the better. The Class of One has invested-in and keeps investing a fair amount of potential, time-span, and quality resources to get finest & useful methodologies in school education. It exists as the number-1 establishment to get school education all-of-it online. The Class of One is passionately committed on giving rise to a holistic, new-age, and alternative school education system. For this purpose, our team members finished many fact-finding, groundwork, analysis, and studies. In the process of communicating with students, parents and school officials, we observed that there was a clear empty space in schooling on a global level: many students wanted liberty to have lessons at their personal speed, regularity, time, and comfort. All physical schools had published guidelines about “in what manner” and “exactly when” to finish the school or curriculum-related work”. Thus, many times the physical school system was not proper and applicable for a lot of students. Parents in any case wished for their children to be brilliant, and knowledgeable. A situation of all this ultimately encouraged the beginning of The Class of One that serves requirements of all students and carries out the purpose of their parents. A happy and heartening approval from all stakeholders is excellent indications that favor us ready-and-willing to improve it day-by-day.


A-1 School with A-1 Academic Setting Right Meant for You!

Opinion collected from different heads says us the following advantages of studying with us:

  1. We are a flexible still similar alternate to physical school system.
  2. We include the finest approaches of physical school system.
  3. We permit studying, academic counseling & support, and schooling over a single set-up.
  4. We encourage uniform and high quality learning for our every student.
  5. We give home-schooling advantages like permitting and empowering our students to learn and gain knowledge at their own speed.
  6. We give advantages like Individual academic care to our every student by using a well-made process.
  7. We mix popular, established, mainstream, accepted as well as latest traditions of learning.
  8. We allow testing, evaluating, assessing, and grading at the same level as physical school does.
  9. We provide parents with the flexibility of feedback.
  10. We encourage co-ordination between teachers and parents for overall development of students.

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