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Coronavirus and its impact on kids’ education

The global epidemic of COVID-19 by Novel Coronavirus has affected everyone, including children. It has had a devastating effect on children’s education.

According to a UNESCO standard, the education of 120 crore students worldwide is being disrupted by school closures. This includes 32.1 crore children in India. Keeping children at home has disrupted the children’s physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Online classes a savior

Experts say a short period of time out of education will have an impact on children. When schools are closed for extended periods of time, think about how great the impact will be and how long it will last for them. Children can forget what they know.
But online learning was a savior for these kids. Despite being deprived of going to offline schools and meeting their friends and teachers these kids were able to learn at the comfort of home and without any stoppage to that never-ending urge to learn!

More interactive and fun lectures

Surely, teachers took some time to understand this new concept of online learning and understand new software and tools.
But now over time teachers and tutors have mastered this software and are focusing more and more to make learning things and education more and more interesting, fun, and full of knowledge for primary toddlers as well as higher studies students. Things in online learning are getting way smoother with days passing by and ONLINE SCHOOLING is on the way to replace your old traditional schooling in the future.

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